Home Remedies for Muscle & Joint Pain

Rosemary-Cucumber WaterThere are so many natural things we can get from the earth, and even mix together ourselves to help us feel better. There are Home Remedies for Muscle & Joint Pain that are very easy to make. I’m not talking about curing life-threatening diseases, but just supporting the body to be able to allow it to work to its best potential. Earlier this month, Mark Erdman, a 49 year old otherwise healthy man, living in Palm City Florida, died of liver failure, and kidney damage as a result of taking Tylenol and Ibuprofen for his tooth pain. Most people think this could not happen to them, but I believe Mark probably thought it wouldn’t happen to him either.  There are so many things we can do instead of taking over-the-counter medications that have been proven to damage our organs, like the liver and kidneys. Check out the site, www.drugwatch.com for side-effects and possible hazardous drug interactions.

Patients who’ve been to our office during the warmer months, have tried, (and loved) our rosemary-cucumber water. We put about 5 slices of unpeeled organic cucumber, and a few branches of rosemary into a ½ gallon pitcher of water. Ice is optional, as room-temperature water is best for digestion.  I first tried this water at The Golden Door Spa, at the Boulders Resort, in Carefree, AZ. At the spa, they serve this water to help flush toxins, and help muscles heal after workout and bodywork done during the guests’ visits. We offer this water to our patients for the same reasons. Most patients who come to our office complain of muscle aches, joint pains and arthritis. Patients also receive massage, some being deep-tissue massage, which may cause soreness of the muscles the next day. We find that the rosemary helps to flush the toxins out the muscles, therefore diminishing this soreness. Rosemary also stimulates the nervous system, again, helping patients’ bodies to regenerate the musculoskeletal system. On a side note, rosemary is also used to support the digestive system. Simple teas can be made with rosemary to aid the digestive process. Here in Arizona, rosemary grows in the wild. It’s so easy to grow, so it should be on your short list of herbs grown in your garden or plant pots.

Cucumbers help to support our connective tissue. They are a good source of a trace mineral called silica, that helps to strengthen the connective tissue. Our patients with fibromyalgia respond well to silica, and by cutting a few slices of cucumber into their drinking water, it’s an easy and delicious way to get silica into their body. Cucumbers are also a source of ascorbic acid, and cafeic acid, that help to counteract water retention, which aids in the detoxification of toxins in our tissues.

The bottom line is, don’t wait until your body is in crisis mode. Practice preventative medicine and look for natural ways to relieve pain, and support your body to work how it was designed to work. Once symptoms have gotten out of hand, like Mark’s did, it may be too late.

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