3 Tips On How To Eat Healthy To Prevent Disease

Think Before You Eat! (Modified from an article I wrote for the Villager Newspaper, Sedona, AZ)

This is one of my original articles I wrote about being aware of how you eat, and what you eat. Taking time to prepare, eat, and digest your food is equally as important as what is in our food. This is so important When trying to maintain health, or when preventing disease in the body, from aches and pains and  headaches,  to disease. I thought this would be a good article for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

“LET FOOD BE THY MEDICINE!” Perhaps you’ve heard this quote before, but do you remember the man who said it? No- not Eddie Basha! It was Plato. Even then, the wise ones knew that our bodies were built to eat food not only to satiate our appetites, but to heal and prevent disease.  Over time, we have come to look at food as a way to fill our bellies, give us energy, or calm our nerves. Yes, this does happen when we eat, but why not look at the MAIN reason we eat, to fuel our bodies.  Remember the golf cart analogy in my first article? Again, we wouldn’t THINK of using inferior fuel in our vehicles, then why put inferior fuel in our bodies? Patients of mine know I promote healthy eating….not just healthy food. The eating experience does not only involve the quality and quantity of the food, but the entire experience itself.

Tip #1 When we eat, it’s important to set enough time aside to chew and digest the meal. The first step in digestion begins with chewing, and the salivary enzymes need to prepare the food for further digestion in the stomach.  Likewise, the stomach acids need time to prepare the food for the small intestines, and so on. (You know where it goes from there!)  What I’m getting at, is take time for the body to do its work.  When we don’t allow the digestive system to work on its OWN TIME, we develop problems in other systems, as a result. You diesel drivers wouldn’t DREAM of starting your vehicle and driving off with a cold engine. You know the consequences of that! It would mean a trip to the mechanic in the future for sure. Think of your digestive system as your diesel engine. Warm it up-allow it to work properly, so YOU won’t be going to the doctor, or “mechanic” in the near future looking for another remedy for a new problem. All of out body systems need fuel, or nutrients to function well. YOu can get this high quality fuel, by eating whole foods, and taking whole food supplements. By not fueling properly, how long will this machine work properly? And how will you prevent disease rather than causing it?

Tip #2 Pay attention to your body, and what needs to heal. One of the common denominators in all forms of healing, whether medical or alternative, is to allow oxygen, (via the blood supply) to travel to the affective area. This promotes healing. Should this “area” of the body be heart, lung, reproductive, or ANY other vital organ, blood must be readily available for that organ to heal and  regain its optimum function. Should the body’s main blood supply be routed to the digestive system three or more time a day, because of eating too fast, and not relaxing while you eat, then how will this blood flow to the affected organ?  It will therefore be compromised.  Even a major component to the Macrobiotic way of life, which is commonly recommended for cancer patients, and those with other debilitating diseases, is to eat slowly, digest properly, and choose the proper setting in which to eat.  This allows the blood to flow readily to the affected area as mentioned above.  Eating in front of a television, while driving, or while doing anything else for that matter, takes away from the digestive process.  Take time, set a quiet, unrushed setting, and enjoy the experience.

Tip # 3 Know what you’re putting into your body. READ LABELS, ask at restaurants, and take time to seek out products with the fewest additives.  It’s not the occasional chemical that sneeks into our favorite treat once in a while, it’s the daily bombardment of preservatives, artificial colorings, and pesticides that linger in our organs that can cause insidious malfunction over time. Labels are on everything now, even fruit! The processors  place  a small sticker on each piece of fruit, and if you were wondering what those numbers mean- here it is. A small sticker with four digits means the fruit was grown conventionally, with standard pesticides and growing techniques.  Labels with five digits starting with an 8, indicates that the food was genetically modified, and labels with five digits beginning with a 9 indicate the food was grown organically without the use of chemical pesticides.

By just reading your labels, you can KNOW what you’re putting into your machine, and prevent disease.   Remember, there are NO WARRANTEES on your body, so take good care of it.  It was the only year they made that model, and they threw away the mold after it was made!

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