Are There Supplements I Can Take To Help My Back Pain?

Yes. There are anti-inflammatory supplements that help with pain relief and healing. Other supplements, like enzymes and others, help to assist in healing as well. The supplements have no side effects, and are much safer than their prescription or over-the-counter counterparts. Herbs are also available, but may have certain side effects, or contra-indications with other medications or medical conditions. Fish oils are also very important anti-inflammatories  as well. I will write an article on those exclusively.

Anti-Inflammatory Supplements There are many types of anti-inflammatory supplements. The two I generally recommend are, boswellia, and white willow bark. Boswellia, or frankincense, remember from Biblical times, is an herb that comes from the resin of the boswellia serratta tree. It comes in capsule form, most frequently, and is found in some cartilage building formulas to assist with the inflammation common in many disc and joint conditions, like arthritis. It is relatively fast acting, and easy to take.

Another anti-inflammatory supplement good for back pain,especially disc issues,  is white willow bark, or white willow. It has even been used by the ancient Egyptians. Once synthesized in the lab a few steps later, it is made into aspirin. The natural form of white willow, does not damage the stomach lining, or cause bleeding like aspirin. Again, most commonly, this supplement is easily taken by capsule or tablet.

Natural Enzymes

There are natural proteolytic enzymes that assist the body’s healing process by bringing oxygen, and other viable substances to the injured area. They work by slowing the body’s clotting effect, so the blood will flow away from the injured area, during the inflammatory process. These are taken by capsule or tablet, and sometimes in a liquid form.

Each of these types of supplements help pain relief, and of course, assist the body’s healing, by decreasing the inflammatory process. For a consultation on these supplements, please call my office for an appointment.

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