Purse Drive For Women’s Shelters

Accurate Care Pain Relief Center is hosting its 7th annual Purse Drive for Women’s Shelters in Phoenix, Arizona. People can bring used purses, and any gently used beauty products for donation to women in shelters. For Mother’s Day, children in shelters, can choose a purse , and fill it with beauty products for their Mom. Please bring all donations by May 3, 2013. All new patients to Accurate Care Pain Relief Center, will receive an initial exam, including a second day consultation with Dr. Leisa in exchange for their donation. Read on for a touching,  personal story by one of our patients, Hazel, about her experience as a child in need. (See Hazel’s Video on her Fibromyalgia Pain Relief on our Testimonial page.)

“Unbeknownst to you all including Dr Leisa, this drive has touched me deeply and is important enough to me, to want to help it be as successful as possible, for I do know what it is like to have been one of those “children”.

Once upon a time I had a handsome father a beautiful mother and two beautiful sisters, we were all very happy, and our parents loved to dress us in the prettiest of dresses.  My father especially loved to show us off!  When we would go to a neighborhood restaurant, my dad would place a coin in the juke box and then when the music start he would smile and in a load voice say!  Balla! Dance!  and we would dance till the food came out!  Then my Dad came home from the Navy (USS Darby Submarine Destroyer) at the end of the war.  Little by little we experienced what is called “Post Traumatic Stress” (now not then). Then my parents divorce came, then my mother’s unknown crippling illness appeared, then the loss of her businesses (two beauty salons), then a lot of nothing and a lot of emptiness, then WELFARE.

I know what it is like to tear-up two old pillowcases and sew by hand a blouse for school for I was in our school play “Student Prince” and I could not afford purchasing any blouse, and because I did not want anyone to know we were now very very poor.  Lucky me, my Grandmother taught me how to cook, sew, starch linens and iron them, etc., by 6 yrs old!

I know what it is like to walk  a mile to school in freezing snow without boots or stockings, just shoes with holes and newspaper to cover the hole and walk to school with a faded spring coat that had no lining that I dyed black to disguise the faded areas on the coat.
I know what it is like to stay in your room silently crying alone with my mom on our coach silently crying because we had nothing to exchange so to lessen the pain we all stayed in our rooms silent till the day passed.
I know what it is like to watch my mother, with a small instant coffee jar and use a teaspoon to give each of us a teaspoon of dried coffee and drink it for our breakfast!

My parents divorced, my mother became gravely ill, and spent a year in the hospital with a rare disease, that when it was finally identified it turned out my mother was the 14th person on record to have developed it.  My friends learned my mom craved oranges so they would  bring me oranges and other fruits and vegetables from their backyards, for me to carry to the hospital to give to my mom.
My school counselor was wonderful, one day she pulled me into her office and told me she thought I was so strong because I did not let anyone know what was happening to me and my sisters, that I did a great job of keeping the ship afloat.  I was informed that my grades made me eligible to be part of a program called “CORE”.  All I had to do was maintain a B+ average and good work ethics and I could be part of this government program.  It meant I go to school one full week and then the other week I go to work (40 hrs) alternating throughout the school year and in the summer I worked LEGALLY!  Little did I know I was to have great slivers of sunshine in my life.  I went to work at “One Wall Street” at Irving Trust Company and Bank and at “350 Fifth Avenue” at our branch in the “Empire State Building as a Page!  It was an incredible blessing to be a Page at these two incredible locations.  I would be called to guide dignitaries at each location and give description of the departments and their functions.  I loved my job!!

This meant I no longer babysat at night for single moms during the week and weekends to help my mom shelter,feed and clothes us.  I no longer was a nanny for a family during the summer when I was too young to work legally.  I did these things from the age of 11 yrs old to 14 yrs old Illegally when my counselor intervened.  I worked at Irving Trust Company & Bank  for 8 yrs, till after I married and was pregnant with my first child.

What was my strength?  Thanks to my grandmother my belief system was long established when I was a little girl, and is what I always lean on today.  My Savior and Redeemer is always Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior!

So forgive me for being so bold in asking you to participate in this worthwhile drive!  God bless you whether you can or cannot!  God loves you!” Hazel

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