Chiropractic For Kids

Since 1995, Dr. Grgula has included Pediatrics in her practice.  Her youngest patient was a 10-day-old baby suffering from constipation. His grandmother would bring him in every 3 days for the first month of his life to relieve him of this condition, which his medical doctor could not treat because of his age. This patient was actually featured on television on The Tonya Mock Show, in Prescott, AZ, Dr. Leisa adjusted  him on the air, to show how babies are adjusted in her arms- like a doll.. (Results quickly followed with a changed diaper during commercial break!!)

In the last fifteen years, Dr. Grgula has taken many post-graduate classes in Chiropractic Pediatrics. Her pediatric patient base has grown, and so have her patients. They continue to come in for sports team exams, growing pains, scoliosis, and just simple pain relief, because KIDS NEED CHIROPRACTIC TOO!

Remember; Don’t leave your kids at home to develop the same conditions you have!