My First Visit

Congratulations on choosing Accurate Care Pain Relief Center! Welcome to our office.

On your first visit,our professional staff will obtain a complete case history, and perform a thorough and complete physical examination. If necessary, additional diagnostic methods such as x-rays, MRI, or sEMG will be used to determine if chiropractic can help you.  These findings will also help to create an individualized care program based upon the structure and health of your spine. On this first visit, pain-relieving therapy may be rendered. Chiropractic manipulation is generally done on your second visit, to allow Dr. Leisa to review your findings and to design your custom course of care.

Your goals will be reviewed by Dr. Leisa, and considered in this treatment plan. She  will also work closely with other health care providers, such as orthopedists, cardiologists, and neurologists in the community. We will make referrals to other health care providers if necessary, and obtain the best treatment for your condition. Dr. Leisa won’t just be treating your spine.  She will look at the total health and wellness of your entire body, which may include recommendations for chiropractic treatments, rehabilitation, acupuncture, exercise, therapy, lifestyle modification, and nutrition.

Dr. Leisa will review the  findings of your initial exam, and any diagnostic imaging that was done on your first visit.   Recommendations will be given based upon your age, physical condition, lifestyle ,  unique health problem and goals. Often times the primary course of treatment will be spinal manipulation or “adjustments” to return individual vertebrae to their proper position and motion.

Additional procedures may be used to reduce inflammation, provide pain relief, and enhance healing. These procedures include heat, electro-muscle stimulation, cryotherapy (ice), ultrasound, acupuncture, and rehabilitative stretching and strengthening exercises.

If you have any further questions, please call for a complimentary 15 minute consultaion with Dr. Leisa.